C5409 DMA configuration

Started by rk_appan May 27, 2004
Hello All,

I am using C5409 for a audio application. When I configure McBSP with
CPU interrupts(XINT0,RIN0) I am able to play audio properly.

I want DMA to be implemented for processing the audio data. I have
configured both McBSP and DMA0(syncd on Transmit Event) and DMA1
(syncd receive event). Also I have configured both the DMA channels
in multiframe, double word mode and enabled both channels

The configuration values are correct when I looked into the values of
the Config structure.

I am not getting both DMA0 interrupt and DMA1 interrupt. I dont know
the reason for that. (IFR both the XINT and RINT bits are set)
Also I am not clear on the INTOSEL bits in the DMPREC register.
(c5409 datasheet doesnt mentioned abt XINT and RINT sharing on DMAC0,

Help is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.