Audio Left and Right interchanged!!

Started by Rajaraman Kannappan July 7, 2004
hello all,

I am using c5409 based board in the development

I have connected PCM3008 with McBSP of c5409. I have
programmed the McBSP such that, Recevie/Transmit Frame
Length is 2 words per frame and Receive/Transmit Word
Length is 32-bits.

When I program like this, the Left and Right channel
data are getting interchanged. Without DMA, I am able
to solve that issue, by changing the data address
inside the ISR.

When I interface the McBSP with DMA, I problem still
exists. How should I configure the Receive and
Transmit DMA?
(I want a DMA setting something like this,
If I receive Frame0, Frame1..., this should be stored
as Frame1, Frame0,Frame3, Frame2... ). Regards,