Re: 'SRC ADRS' smart way...

Started by Micah Caudle August 27, 2004
Hopefully I understand your question. How to get the
address of the boot table into external memory at
FFFFh so the bootloader knows where to find it. I use
Flash memory and use the FlashBurn utility from TI to
burn the Flash initially. In Flashburn there is a
little checkbox labeled "Write Boot Addr". You check
it and it automatically writes the address of the
start of your boot table to FFFF in external data
space. I think you get FlashBurn from the updates
screen in Code Composer Studio.

> --- In , fabe@f... wrote:
> >
> > BTW, someone please tell me that the smart way to
> mark 'SRC ADRS'
> > in address 0xffff (or, 0xfffe/0xffff in 8bit width
> bus) for bootloader.
> >
> > it seems the hex converter utility has no function
> of it.
> > so, I'm patching generated hex image file
> manually...
> >
> > hiro