Started by Brian C. Lane October 7, 2004
Jerry [Signum] wrote:

> Brian, Amin ...
> You should be able to put many JTAG devices on the same chain, as long
> as the debuggers or programmers can put the other devices in the by-pass
> mode.
> As far as JTAG pricing, you can buy JTAGjet emulator for TMS320 family
> form us (Signum) for $1,500 and use it with Code Composer Studio, or
> for $450 more you can get our C54xx debugger. Unlike the CCS, our
> debugger does not include the C compiler or assembler.
> But, the same JTAGjet emulator will also program your Flash, Xilinx or Altera
> parts that are on the board, even on the same JTAG chain : ))

Interesting, I'll have to take a look at your features the next time
we're in the market for tools. One problem I have currently is running
ICC430 + its JTAG pod on one parallel port and CCS + a Spectrum Digital
JTAG on another parallel port gives WinXP heartburn if you run them in
the wrong order (something to do with the low level parallel port driver).

Thanks for the info,


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