Problems with RFFT/CFFT - DSPlib

Started by Guilherme Martinhon January 31, 2006
Im using the C5416 DSK and now Im writing a code that do the FFT of a signal generated on the same code. Ive used the cbrev functions, to reverse the bits and after Ive used the RFFT function. But the results are diferent from the Matlab. In fact, I didnt understand how interpret the result that RFFT gives. I know it has to result complex numbers, but it didnt (obviously, it is in C language). But, so, how can I generate the complex numbers? Ive tried to do the complex numbers with the half of the output vector as the real and the second half output as the imaginary, but the result continues wrong. Ive tried to use the Cfft too, but Ive continue with the problem. I saw the example in the directory of DSPlib, but I didnt understand. Can you help me with this problem?
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