Re: Re: Reference C source code for G.726 codec

Started by sib_...@yahoo.com April 14, 2006

This link "http://www.doc.ua.pt/arch/itu/rec/product/G.htm" doesn't work. Please let me know how I can get the G.726 C source code and also I need to know how to calculate MIPS for G.726 codec .

Many thanks

> Hai,
>I have downloaded source code of G.726 from ITU-T and test
>vectors.There is one converter utility of ITU-T itself which
>converts input from ASCII hexadecimal to word oriented binary
>file.Using that i have converted the input testvectors Nrm.m and
>Ovr.m.The converted file is given as input to source code and the
>output file is generated.the standard output test vector file
>Rn16fm.i and Rv16fm.i are converted in to word orineted binary
>format and this converted file is compared with the generated
>file.For Mulaw Nrm.m both the files are matching but for Ovr.m it
>was not matching.So test case is failing for the downloaded G.726
>reference code.can you suggest me what is the problem in my
>procedure?cam anybody help me in this regard?
>thanks in advance.
>On Fri, 11 Jul 2003 nrip nihalani wrote :
>>You can download the source code from this site...
>> http://www.doc.ua.pt/arch/itu/rec/product/G.htm
>>--- rani thayammal <>
>> > Hai,
>> > I have to work on G.726 codec on C54x
>> > architecture.For that i
>> > need G.726 C source code and also i need to know how
>> > to calculate
>> > MIPS for G.726 codec .
>> >
>> > Thanks in advance.
>> >
>> > Rani.
>> >
>> >