Re: Still problems booting the 5402

Started by zhit...@mail.ru January 3, 2007
> Hi
>We have solved the problem. The serial clock has to run before the first
>frame sync pulse. We added three clock cycles before the fram sync
> wrote:
>original article: http://www.egroups.com/group/c54x/?startr
>> Hi
>> We have problems bootloading the DSP via the McBsp0 serial port.
>> First we had a fault in the Hex file generated by the Hex500 ( Hex
>> conversion
>> utility program ). We had forgotten to specify the DSP version ( -v548
>> ) for
>> the Compiler. The entry point ( program start adress ) was also wrong
>> in the
>> Hex500 command file.
>> Texas send us the assembly file of the bootloader program inside the
>> 5402
>> DSP.We looked through this code and found that the hex file with the
>> code
>> to be loaded to the DSP seems correct.
>> The McBsp0 port uses a 16 bit boot mode, and the BFSR0, BCKLR0 and
>> are
>> controlled from an external master. The DSP gives a low level on the
>> XF pin
>> when it is ready to be bootloaded.
>> A receive interrupt starts the serial boot mode. Thus, the first word
>> send
>> to the DSP starts the McBsp0 bootloading. The first word also has to
>> equal
>> to 10AAh, or else the bootloader program exits the serial boot mode.
>> We use a Fujitsu microcontroller to bootload the DSP. We are certain
>> that
>> the hex file is correct and that the connections on the serial port
>> correct.
>> The MP/!MC pin is low during reset, and this should start the
>> program, as we also are able to measure on the XF pin.
>> We are not sure if the timing of the signals are correct.
>> Are the assumptions below correct ?
>> The signals does not look as ideal as the signals shown in the Texas
>> documentation. I cannot see that this should be a problem since this
>> a
>> synchronous communication where the transfer is controlled by the
>> serial clock.
>> The frequency of our clock is not constant. We send 16 clock pulses,
>> one for
>> each bit. The bits are clocked out on the rising edge of the serial
>> clock, and
>> the DSP reads a bit on the falling edge of the clock.
>> A seventeenth clock pulse is send during the fram pulse. The frame
>> starts the transfer of a new word to the DSP. The frame pulse is
>> detected on
>> the falling edge of the clock pulse.
>> The MSBit is send first . A "1" is output as high level and a "0" as
>> low level
>> to the BDR0 pin on the DSP.
>> The DSP uses 1 bit data delay, which means that the first bit has to
>> send
>> after the frame pulse is low.
>> We have no additional clock pulses after the 16 bits are send and
>> before the
>> next frame sync.
>> Can anyone see an obvious fault in our serial bootloading of the 5402
>> DSP ?
>> Best regards
>> Torgeir Jakobsen
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Hallo, Torgeir Jakobsen.
I have the same problem with booting of tms320vc5416.
All your recomendations was entirely accomplish.
Can you take me your email to ask my questions more particular.