Regarding tms320vc5471...........

Started by kamlesh dodiya January 24, 2007
first of all ........Thanks to Jeff for reply,

No, this is not a TI's document....
i found it at web site of copany named "adaptive technology"..
If you have any other document regarding implementation of IP Phone
using TMS320VC5471 then it might be useful for me
(like ).

one more que is ---
Is there any development board available for
because on TI site they are not showing anything regarding
development board.......what they are telling that starter
kit for C54xx can be used for code development fro C5471 (That is
DSP core onchip) but what do I do with ARM7 core...
If you have any idea then please response.

thanking you!

Kamlesh Singh dodiya,
MTech, student,
contact- 09844065153

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