How can flip between eprom and flash?

Started by dan February 23, 2001
I am using the 5402 to develop my system.
I want to boot from the flash,and copy code form flash to external sram,but
could not solve a problem.
If we boot system from flash,then we should use the /ds pin to selcet the
flash because
the code was boot from the external data space,but if i map the flash into
and the sram also map into 4000-bfff,then i will acess the both flsh,sram at the
same time.
(/ds is active at the same time).
If anyone can tell me how can i select the sram ,flash .It will have no
confict when I
access the external data space!
i connected the sram like this,if any wrong,please tell me ,thank you!
dsp sram
/mstrb /ce
r//w /we
Gnd /oe
Thanks & regards! dan

"Julien Boudias" <> writes:

> What can I do to put some fast C functions into .fast_text and the
> other into .text

"TMS320C54x Optimizing C Compiler User's Guide" (SPRU103C),
section 5.7.1:

| #pragma CODE_SECTION(foo, ".fast_text");
| int foo(int arg)
| {
| /* ... */
| }
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