Interfacing tms320vc5416 dsk with ads1610 evm using a 5-6k interface

Started by Christian Echavez November 7, 2007
Hi has anyone ever tried interfacing the c5416 with the ads1610 evm?
Any help and info regarding interfacing the two. And anyone know how to
make it work in code composer it really isnt supported by the updated
DCPFree tools(Data Converter tools in CC). I've already tried writing
some code based on the other support dsp chips(5510 and 6416). When i
bought the ads1610 evm and 5-6k interface it said it was supported by
the tms320c5416 (I needed to sample a signal with a 4 MHz frequency).
I've been trying to bug TI support about it they said they couldnt help
me. So any help would be greatly appreciated tnx in advance..:)