Problem in Standard Serial Boot (16 bit mode).

Started by Manish Varma June 5, 2008
Hello all,

I got the same problem when trying to boot my DSP in Standard Serial(16 bit mode) Boot.

I have connected the MSP430 to feed the SCLK, FS and BRx (Starting with bit #15 to bit#0) to the McBSP0 of our TMS320C54CST.

I can see first 5-6 words are going fine to DSP (like 0x10AA, 0x0018, ....) but some how after around 1800uS the XF pin goes up, which I suspect cause of the problem..

To generate the hex file I follow the command line:

hex500.exe -e -a -boot -bootorg SERIAL -map -romwidth 16 -o

Now I am sending the content of this file over BRx line using bit bang protocol.

Main queries for us are as per below:

1. Should XF go up after getting low, if yes then when?(if possible can I get the precise time)
2. what should be the minimum and maximum BCLK frequency for standard serial boot (16 bit mode).
3. Is it possible if I can get the timing diagram (for transfering data to DSP to make serial boot).

Many Thanks in Advance,