Code not running fast enough

Started by thed...@yahoo.com September 8, 2008
Hi all,

I recently found that adding my code to a simple example where the audio input is looped back to the headphones changes the output, which I suspect is caused by the fact that the code I use takes too long to run. One reason this may be caused is the fact that I run multiple filters, which are all implemented using floating data types. Before attempting a fixed point implementation however, I figured I could perhaps compute how long it takes my code to run.

I'm currently searching for some form of documentation that could perhaps help me figure out how many cycles it takes the module I'm using (PEP5416) to perform floating type multiplies and adds. If anyone knows of any such document, I would be most grateful to learn of it.

Otherwise, if anyone has any other suggestions to alleviate this problem, I would also appreciate suggestions. The only possible fixes I know of are fixed point implementation or configuring the codec and DSP clocks to a higher frequency. Thanks.