Re: TMS320VC5441

Started by Jeff Brower December 29, 2009

> I have read datasheet of TMS320VC5441. It has 16 GPIO per system and
> four DSP processors. is it has 16*4-64 GPIOs in TMS320VC5441. i have
> read, but not found any 64 GPIO at pinout configuration of DSP.
> Kindly tell me, is there 64 GPIO in TMS320VC5441.

I don't know where you get this info, but it's not correct. The C5441 data sheet
clearly indicates that each core has 4 GPIO available, labeled as:


So that means you got 16 total. There is a copy of the data sheet located at:


P.S. Please post to the group, not to me, so that others may benefit from the
discussion. Thanks.

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