audio example execution problem

Started by Unknown March 31, 2001
Thank you Motohiko, Emerson, and the other off-line response I got
about my microphone sampling question posted previously. I've got a
new one for y'alls:

Has anyone experienced difficulty running the audio example, not the
codec or codec_eg example, including with CCS 1.11? After running
through loading errors (the ol' "Data verification failed at
address ...") and skirting around this with the help of a few
previous posts to this group, I run the example and it plum doesn't
work. There is no output from the speaker port. I can verify that
the microphone and speaker ports are working, thanks to the codec
example that Motohiko pointed me towards. Is it a problem with
DSP/BIOS as Andre eluded to in message #254? Does it have anything
to do with the fact that there is no HWI_INT11 in the config file
like there is in the documentation for this example, SPRA598?

Anyone have some insight to this? Thank you all.

Dave Terry