Why my DMA interrupt is not processed?

Started by Jane Shen May 30, 2001
Hi, all,
I'm stuck at this:
on a 5402DSK board, transfer the data from internal memory by DMA
channel 5 to McBSP DXR1_0 and send them out.
the DMA runs in multiframe mode with a configuration of interrupt when
block transfer completed.
I could see the interrupt has been generated cuz the corresponding bits
in ST1, INTM and IFR are all set, but it seems the CPU doesn't continue
to process. The set bits are not cleared and my ISR has never been
processed. I set a break point in my ISR and it is never reached. I
don't know if it is because of the CCS1.20's IDE emulator environment,
or is there a hidden switch I forgot to press?
My vecs are moved to 0x0080, they are not corrupted.
Could anybody shed a light on me? Thank in advance.

Best regards, Jane SHEN
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