C5402 DSK

Started by kumar venkat July 25, 2001
Hai all,
I need a small clarifications. I have c5402 dsk without any Evaluation
Module. i would like to run a Input - Output routine i,e I have a carrier signal
say 1khz taken from a function generator and through AIC initialization
program(TLC320AD40C-ADC/DAC) i need to pass through this signal to C5402 DSK and
o/p is to fed to the oscilloscope.
Is the above demo possible to do? If so what are all
required. Is that EVM is also required for TMX320VC5402 DSK or without that the
demo mentioned above can be functioned.
Secondly the I/O junction of the DSK is quoted as microphone - i/p and
speaker - o/p. whether can we connect in place of these both as function
generator as input and
oscilloscope as output.
Please do reply & help me out in this regard.

One more thing there is no documentation given for VC5402
DSK related to sample I/O routines or Interfacing DSK with TLC320AD50 ADC/DAC.
As per the architecture given it seems
to me that EVM is not required. The signal intake is fed
to ADC and thereby software programmable gain and sampling rates are set there
by executed (.out) and fed to the DSK and the same o/p is passed to the

I expect from one n all to kindly spare for a while of my query and let me know
some inputs from u people.

Thanks in advance

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