how to access host accessible registers

Started by hyuqi September 6, 2001
I want to control c5402 DSK through PC's parallel port with the functions in
My 1st question is,
I can initialize the board and HPI, and can access CPLD registers, but when
I use the following code to access HPI registers, it always return false.

Register reg;
reg.Regoff = 0;
reg.DataVal = 2;
bSuc = evmdsk54x_read_hpi_reg( m_hpi_map, &reg, 0 );
bSuc = evmdsk54x_write_hpi_reg( m_hpi_map, &reg, 0 );

Another question is when I use code as following to enable host INT, It return
FALSE, too, I don't know the reason.

// Enable interrupt
ULONG intMask = HINT;
if ( !evmdsk54x_enable_int(m_hpi_map, intMask) )
return FALSE;

The 3rd is,
I want DSP and PC interrupt each other, I moniter(VxD) my PC(host)'s INT 7,
what should I do? when DSP interrupts the host, will my Vxd recieve the INT?



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