interfacing 5402 DSP with Flash memory

Started by Unknown November 7, 2001
We are using a 4 Mb Flash memory in our design.
It has been given in the DSP data sheet that only A0-A15 can be
connected as data space whereas A16- A19 can be used only as the
program space.

The code size in our case is nearly 4Mb. But 16 address lines can
address 64kb only. We require flash for storing code and for writing
Can any one suggest a circuit by which we can boot the code from the
Flash for such a case.

Also, please mention the sequence of operations that happen from
the power on instant as to how booting of code takes place as a clear
piece of information was not obtained in the app notes.

Also, is it necessary to connect only /DS to Flash memory or even /PS
can be connected?

Thanks in Advance,