Not receiving IACK signal when asserting INT0

Started by Unknown November 7, 2001

According to TI documentation, after the INT0 maskable interrupt line
is asserted the following should occur:

1.) The corresponding IFR bit is set

2.) If INTM=0 and corresponding IMR bit = 1 then the CPU acknowledges
the interrupt by asserting the IACK signal.

3.) Service Interrupt...etc When I set the INT0 line low, I notice that the IFR bit IS set. The
IMR mask register bit 0 is set (for INT0) and INTM does equal 1,
exactly as the documentation says it should. My problem is that I am
not receiving a IACK signal. I also noticed that the IACK doesn't
even assert during reset or any of the other non-maskable
interrupts. Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!

-Dave Weatherwax