Urgent Help needed for VC5402 DSK

Started by kumar venkat December 18, 2001
Hi one & all,
I am working on the tms320vc5402 dsk with
CCS v2.0. Hope everybody might be familiar
with the demo example of audio signal input
and output provided by TI in one of the folder

Similarly if i wish to run the same demo
program=audio.out file (C:\ccs54x\examples\dsk5402\bios\audio\Debug) where in
instead of the

Hardware settings
DIP switches (5,6-->up) (1,2,3,4,7,8-->down)
Jumper settings
JP1(2&3 connected)
JP2(2&3 connected)
JP3(2&3 connected)
JP4(1&2 connected-default)
parallel port cable and 5v adapter power supply
mic i/p jack & speaker o/p --> one which normally used in communication
applications compatible to
MCBSP1 channel

*** No external devices interfaced like EMI, EPI,UART,JTAG)********

Micinput i have taken from Function generator
of amplitude 200mv peak to peak, frequency
of 1000-3000Hz
Speaker output i have taken to oscilloscope
to get back the original i/p signal which was initially tx through the
parameters set for the function gen.,

I request the group to help me out by giving
suggestions or Source codes so as to fulfill
my demo.
By giving function generator i/p and oscilloscope
o/p i had run the audio.out but it is unable to
produce o/p. whereas the songs played is easily
seen in the oscilloscope (variations in amp & freq)

expecting positive reply at the earliest.

Thanx & Bye for now