IDLE3 Power c5402 - 5uA ?

Started by Unknown November 13, 1999

We have an application that only needs the services from the DSP from
time to time. In between, the DSP should consume as little power as

The c5402 is specified to consume 5uA when in IDLE3, and this figure is

The problem we have is that the unit consumes more even when put to
sleep (IDLE3).

The main clock is generated by means of a crystal, and we have
discovered that the clock is still running after the processor is put
to sleep. This is likely the reason for the unexpected current drain.

The documentation is not clear for this subject, but is it so that we
need to use an external clock generator, which again is turned off by
external means to achieve the 5uA, or have we done something else wrong

thanks for your attention
Helge Minken