DMA Initialization problems in C5410

Started by Unknown February 22, 2002

Hi group,

I am having problems with DMA Initialization in C5410. The specific problem I am
facing is, I have written an initialization code to enable DMA channel 4 as Auto
Buffering Unit. When I run my code for the first time - it does not work, but if
I halt the DSP, then reset the DSP and then again reload the program and run it
- DMA starts functioning (I can say this because now channel 4 interrupts start
coming and I can see that the buffer where DMA writes the data gets changed)

I have needled the problem to the gel file - which has a function DMA_Reset().
This function writest ZEROS in the DMPREC, and then goes on to write zeros in
DMSFC and DMMCR for all the 6 channels.
If I comment this function, the program works in the first run.

However, I still have doubts as to what may be going wrong. I think I am not
initializing the DMA properly or may be my order of initialization is not
correct. I initialize the DMA in following manner:
1.) Init - Source Register.
2.) Init - Dest Register.
3.) Init - Element Count Register.
4.) Init - Synch And Frame Count Register.
5.) Init - Index Register.
6.) Init - DMPREC - where I enable channel 4.

I then initialize the IMR and IFR.

Any pointers / code would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance,
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