L_shl(), L_shr(), L_clshft(), L_crshft() intrinsics

Started by lsri_92 February 22, 2002
Hi All,
I am trying to code the 3GPP AMR-WB Speech Codec. The Reference Code
uses functions L_shl() & L_shr() operating on 32-bit Data types. So
the Shift values can be from 0-30. But the C54x instructions SFTA
only support upto 15. Is there a combination of instructions that I
can use to code these otehr than checking if the Shift value is > 15
or not!!

Additionally, is it possible to look at the L_crshft() intrinsics
provided by TI? I am not able to figure out where to find these in
the Tools?

Appreciate any pointers regarding this.