interrupt problem

Started by ajs_edwards_uk March 27, 2002

I posted a message a few weeks ago about this problem but I am still
having trouble with a sampling routine being interrupted causing it
to miss samples.

My setup is: programmed in CCS, using the onboard codec to sample
from the mic port, using RTDX to transfer data between target and
host, no interrupt routines setup. The code runs fine but during the
sampling loop there is a problem because it misses a whole load of
samples. This only happens if I check the RTDX box in CCS (which I
need to use), but supposidly RTDX transfers data in the idle
process.... (I do not have to reload code between checking the RTDX
box so there is no change on the target).

Does anyone have any clue what I can do next to help find the
problem? I have tried disabling all interrupts before the critical
section, then enabling them again after which makes no difference!