CCS File -> Load Progam

Started by chris durkin April 11, 2002
Hello, I was wondering if you can help me,

I have a c5402 DSK and I am trying to run the audio
program supplied with the board
(c:\ti\c5400\examples\bios\audio ). I have
successfully re-written the DSS_init function to setup
and enable the AD50 codec and McBSP port. The program
runs but the Hardware ISR for the McBSP never seems to
be called.

I have noticed that the audio.cdb file sets the IPTR
at 0xFF80 and the MP/!MC bit = 1, I have not changed
the CPLD registers from the default settings, so this
should place the vector table in FLASH. After reading
SPRA618.pdf I am presuming that CCS File -> Load
Program uses the bootloader in HPI mode, to load the
audio.out into memory and as my DIP switches are in
there default positions (i.e. MP/!MC = 0) this would
place address 0xFF80 in on-chip ROM. This would
confirm why my ISR is not working (ROM cannot be
written to), but all that I have written in this
paragraph is only what I am presumming, as I cannot
find any documentation on what CCS File -> Load
Program actually does.

To get to the point, I would be most grateful if you
could confirm my presumtions or tell me what is
actually happening. If any of this is documentied
anywhere, please point me in the right direction.

Also I am curious to know what would happen if DIP
switch 2 was turned off (MP/!MC = 1) would CCS still
be able load programs with the ROM disabled (hence no
bootloader). And what difference does it make if NMIEN
bit in CPLD reg CNTL1 is left at default (0 = NMI
disable) ?- does CCS use this for debugging or

Thanks for your help.
Chris Durkin.