New Low-Cost C5416 DSK Featuring USB Communication Now Available

Started by clwpr25 April 17, 2002

New Low-Cost DSP Starter Kit From Texas Instruments Featuring USB
Communication Enables Faster Throughput with RTDX Data Link

TI's robust and low-cost TMS320C5416 DSK now available to help
designers get started quickly using the popular TMS320C54x low-power

Availabe at TI's E-Store at: http://www.dspvillage.ti.com/c5416dsk10. HOUSTON (April 17, 2002) Speeding designers of power-efficient
applications through the development process, Texas Instruments
Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today unveiled its newest digital
signal processor (DSP) starter kit (DSK). The new product is the
latest evolution of DSKs created specifically for customers using low-
power, high-performance TMS320C5000 DSPs. It features universal
serial bus (USB) communication for faster throughput with Real Time
Data Exchange (RTDX) and true plug-and-play functionality. This
latest addition to the eXpressDSP software and development tools
product line enables first-time or experienced DSP designers of end
equipments such as digital radios, DVD/CD players and digital
speakers to get started today on new and innovative products. The
DSK is available for purchase through TI's E-Store at

The new TMS320C5416 DSK, which includes the DSK version of Code
Composer Studio v2.1, can be used to develop code for all of the
single-core TMS320C54x DSP devices. The new features of this
development board include the new USB communication (embedded
emulation) interface, external Flash, external RAM and a CD-quality
stereo codec that makes it ideal for designing audio applications.
The C5416 DSK offers users a chance to begin early development and
evaluation of TI's C54x-based silicon and development tools and
operates as an initial prototype for designs in very early stages of
"The new USB emulation capability along with new software offers
customers the ability to detect, diagnose, and correct DSK
communications issues, download and step through code faster, and get
a higher throughput with RTDX data link," said John Echard, C5000
marketing tools manager, TI. "The new DSK decreases the DSP learning
curve and speeds power-sensitive, high-performance products to
market. This will give customers who want to design on C54x hardware
a jump start on the development process."

New DSK Harnesses TI's Low-Power, High-Performance DSPs
The C5416 DSK gives DSP designers access to the industry's most
widely used DSP specifically optimized for applications that require
the best combination of power, performance and area. At 160 million
instructions per second (MIPS), the new DSK's processing power
enables it to be used in a variety of signal processing development
areas including speech compression/ decompression, speech
recognition, text-to-speech conversion, fax/data conversion and echo
The C5416 operates at 160 megahertz and features a 40-bit ALU, 128K x
16-bit on-chip RAM, three separate 16-bit data memory busses, one
program memory bus, three McBSPs, six- channel DMA controller, an
8/16-bit host port interface and two 16-bit timers. The on-board
features of the DSK include:
Embedded JTAG emulation via USB
PCM3002 16/20-bit stereo codec
Four 3.5mm audio jacks for microphone, line in, speaker and
line out
External memory: 256K words of Flash and 64K words of RAM
Expansion port connectors for future plug-in modules
(address, data, I/O, McBSP and HPI signals)
On-board standard JTAG interface connection for optional
+5V universal power supply

Optimized DSK Software Gives Designers the Edge
The DSK comes complete with TI's Code Composer Studio development
tools for eXpressDSP, which runs on Windows `98, 2000 and XP and
enables developers to seamlessly manage projects of any complexity.
Code Composer Studio for the C5416 DSK features:
A complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE), an
efficient optimizing C/C++ compiler, assembler, linker, debugger, an
advanced editor with Code Maestro technology for faster code
creation, data visualization, a profiler and a flexible project
manager designed to support simple or complex software development
DSP/BIOS real-time kernel
Target error recovery software
DSK diagnostic tool
Ability to work with many third-party software "plug-in"
tools for additional functionality

Unmatched Support Gets You Started Today
Designers using the C5416 DSK can also get started today by accessing
TI's support network, which is the industry's most comprehensive.
Built on the premise that a supplier should be a continuous design
resource to its customers, the network encompasses four major areas:
training, technical documentation, access to experts and TI's
Website. Designers who are new to DSP can access TI's "Getting
Started" Web site to help them quickly and easily begin their real-
time signal processing design. One-day workshops will also be
offered throughout the year to give designers hands-on experience
using the new C5416 DSK. To see a list of the dates and locations of
these workshops please visit the Training Homepage.

Texas Instruments offers the most extensive and differentiated
collection of global DSP development support in the industry. More
than 550 independent companies and consultants are available to
provide customers with a broad range of application software,
development hardware and software and consulting services. For more
information on the TI third party program, please visit the Third
Party Program Homepage

Pricing and Availability
The new TMS320C5416 DSK, which is priced at $395, is available today
at TI's E-store at http://www.dspvillage.ti.com/c5416dsk4 and will be
available from all TI distributors on April 30. The DSK can be
ordered using part number TMDS3P701840. If a European power
connection is needed, the part can be ordered using part number