still problem with UART

Started by kannuri srihari May 3, 2002
hi all,

Still I am facing same problem with UART. I did't get
any data to HT.

Actually I am trying to store the data received from
mic. For this I am using Codec demo and to see the
data I am planning to integrate codec with uart demo.

I have tried to store the data in codec demo, but I
could't get the same signal while sending this data to
I have tried the following options:

1. I have initiated one buffer to store data. But,
I found that it won't work.
2. I used probing method, still O/P is not
3. Finally I have tried with CODEC + UART, Here I
am facing the problem with UART.

please suggest any method to store the voice data
using Codec.

I think we can do it by changing the configuration of
the Codec.