about boot from flash!!

Started by ykm67111 May 5, 2002

I am a new user for dsk5402.
Now, I try to boot dsk5402 from flash.
I follow the document and use flash utility.
Below is the comment of flash.txt
? Flashu.exe - flash utility.
? 5402hex - Contains sample HEX file to program DSK flash.
To test the flash utility, make sure the jumper setting is set for
HPI boot and type the
flashu 2 -l blink02.hex
NOTE: Flash programming takes at least 25 seconds since the entire
flash is erased
before being programmed. A 20-second delay is inserted to give the
device enough
time to completely the erase operation, resulting in the delay.
Remove the HPI BOOT jumper setting to enable flash boot, power-down
the board, and
then power it back up. The blink program should boot from flash,
blinking all three LEDs
in sequence.
Boot Jumper Settings
HPI boot: JP2 pin 1&2 connected
Flash boot: remove jumper

I follow all steps.
I can see the message of flash erase ok and program success,
But I can not see the LED blink after repower and remove jumper on
I want to know if I lose any setting or do anything wrong. Thanks!!!!!!!