5402dsk flash memory mapping

Started by athuru_leo July 5, 2002

Hi all,
Hi I'm using 5402DSK ,and I'm trying to program the flash chip
on the DSK board,I'm using the Flash API functions provided by the
CCS v2.1, for the flash programming, they work fine, ofcourse they
will (atleast for first few sectors), But the problem is I'm not able
to view the flash memory locations I programmed, in the view memory
window...but if I read the locations after I program, I'm getting the
result correctly.
First of all I want to know, whether is it possible to view the
External memory{coz , flash is external} locations( program page),
through the code composer studio, view memory window. I think after
we map the external memory to the 5402 , it is possible to view. But
I'm not able to get exactly the mapping done, If any body has
previously worked on this, or nebody have ne idea..pls help me. regards
A.Santosh Kumar