Problem: DSK Diagnostics failed

Started by March 17, 2008
Hello to everybody.

Withous any reasons my TMS320VC5510 DSK stopped to load and execute burned into flash program on boot. CCS runs, compiles, loads(w/o errors) and runs compiled programs, but there is no response from DSK.

When I run 5510 DSK Diagnostics Utility, the main test fails on Flash test stage. Tests on 'Advanced' tab pass all except 'Led/Swt'.

It seems to me that problem is in CPLD, because work with Flash memory chip(Flash_CEn signal) and with Switches and Leds are done through CPLD.

Maybe CPLD's program is damaged(why?).

I wanna try to test the CPLD's work via JTAG.

Or maybe I'm wrong and problem is not with CPLD.

So I ask you help, I'm very-very upset now :`(