how to communicate between two DM642 boards

Started by spoo...@yahoo.co.in January 9, 2008
Hi All,

I have two DM642 boards, where in im using one board to transmit and other board will receive.
First board will capture, compress and transmit. The second board should receive, decompress and display.
Im very new to this domain, so please help me out.
I have some queries:
1. I have two boards, how to load the .out file? I mean to which board I should load? Should I load the .out files separately to 2 boards i.e load .out with capture, compress and transmit to one board and receive, decompress and display to other board? Please anybody who knows abt this help me out
2. How to setup communication between the boards? Simple Ethernet cable will work right?

I had posted many requests for some other queries, there was no reply....
please please reply for this as i need ur help to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance,
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