Problem in MCBSP:UART

Started by human_ghost13 March 16, 2008
Hi Everyone,

After my audio data processing on DSK6713 i need to transmit the
processed data serially to a Microcontoller through MCBSP. I have
studied spra633b and have tried both sample codes (MCBSP in Serial
port & GPIO mode) but i am facing following problems:
1. In Serial Port mode when i run the program, i am getting the
error "Transmission Error" (althogh i have shorted DX1,DR1 & FSR1)
2. In Gpio mode i have tried the C functions of
softuartspeeddetect, softuartoutchar, softuartinchar but i am
getting the build error
undefined Symbol

Can i get a sample code (simpler one) to transmit data serially
through MCBSP. Please Help me. I am doing my final year project and
i am left with only a few days.

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