connection between c6713 and matlab simulink

Started by "omnia.mostafa21" April 13, 2008
Hi all,

my graduate project is Speech Recognition one. i need to connect my
DSK c6713 with matlab simulink.
i use matlab 2007b and CCS 3.1
there is always an error. and seems like something messing i don't
know what?although we follow the steps in MathWork site.

by searching we found that's we need ( a daughtercard for the DSK )
witch have serial ports. is that true?

prntscr for the error uploaded in the following link ..

hope to find someone can help.

thanks in advanced ..

Omnia Mostafa
Omnia Mostafa,
Matlab version decides to interface with CCS version.
CCS 3.1 support only Matlab 2006a version.
For more detail please refer
"Supported Version of Code Composer Studio" from "Link for Code Composer Studio 3" User's Guide.

I got same issue. I spent around 2 days to fix this.
So, Before you start project please go through user manual's related to that project.