Help for McASP configured as GPIO on DM642

Started by TM August 21, 2008
I am working on DM642,

i have some problem regarding the configuration of the McASP AXR0[2] AXR0[3]
as GPIO and pin direction as output
do you have any sample code for the same? it will be really helpfull.
And also configuring these as two PINS as GPIO outputs i need to make one
PIN high and the other LOW not both high at the same time.
i need to toggle these pins and check out for LED of different colour to
I have done the McASP confuguration : PFUNC : for AXR0[1] and AXR0[2] as
GPIO and PDIR as OUT for the same. Now how do i use the API for toggling
these two pins as HIGH and LOW?
Thiyana Maitriya