Communication problem with Matlab 2008b and CCS v3.1

Started by sime...@gmail.com November 23, 2008

my name is Mattes Simeon and I am trying to connect Matlab 2008b with the TMS320C6416 DSK kit.

The CCS 3.1 works fine but there is a problem with Matlab. The procedure I follow to test it, is according to Target Support Pachage TC5, User's Guide of Matlab the following

1.I type c6416dskafxr in matlab command window. This opens an demo Reverberation Algorithm for 6416
2.Simulation Configuration Parameters.
3.I select as System Type target ccslink_grt.tlc and language c,
4. I press the "Generate Code" button.

And then the following error is produced:

Error building Real-Time Workshop target for block diagram 'c6416dskafxr'. MATLAB error message:
Error using ==> RTW.makertw.callMakeHook at 49
The call to ccslink_ert_make_rtw_hook, during the entry hook generated the following error:
Error using ==> feval
Error using ==> LinkCCS at 28
Error while connecting to Code Composer Studio(tm):
Cannot start CCS application. Verify that your CCS software is installed and configured properly.

The build process will terminate as a result.

It seems like I haven't configured well the CCS. But as I have said everything works fine with CCS. Sorry for my ignorance but I am new in dsps and I don't know many things.