Re: Re: TMS3206713 DSK issue

Started by Jeff Brower November 26, 2008

> > That's a wise question. There are valuable stand-alone utilities (i.e.
> > separate from CCS) that make it easier to
> > debug driver, port conflict, or other basic install/OS issues. One is called
> > SDConfig and the other xdsprobe.
> > However, SDConfig is intended for use with Spectrum Digital's "general
> > purpose" emulators (XDS510PP, XDS510 USB,
> > XDS560, etc) that can be used with any target DSP board. In your case, you
> > have a DSK board, which has
> > self-contained, embedded emulation circuitry, and I don't think SDConfig
> > will work.
> If I remember right the on-board emulation on DSKs are XDS510 class.
> Wont that help SDConfig?
> I have not tried it, but just wondering.

I remember that older DSKs -- ones with basic emulation circuitry but without the
"obfuscation brick" that doesn't show on the schematics of newer DSK boards -- could
pass SDConfig, for example 6711, 5402, etc. But newer DSK boards, I'm not sure.
SDConfig would need to know something about the Area 51 circuitry on these boards --
knowledge beyond the typical XDS510 class emulator -- to make emulation work over the
embedded USB port.

My guess is that Mike can say which DSK boards SDConfig can be used with.


> > Maybe there are other stand-alone utilities that can be used to debug DSK
> > board emulation issues... this I'm not sure
> > of, as I haven't used a DSK board with the embedded emulation circuitry for
> > some time. Hopefully someone else can
> > comment on good ways to debug DSK board emulation/JTAG issues.
> >
> > -Jeff