NEED HElP urgently plz do reply soon

Started by zahir_abas May 13, 2009
aoa...hope all of you are fine.

i am working on adaptive Noise cancellation with rls/lms

Hardawre implementation of the RLS/lms algorithim with TMS320c6713

first i build the model with nmls model, i build the model. all is fine. it run properly
i took a small .wav file with a human voice as input giving to mic in(ADC) port of c6713 dsp kitt,with sampling rate 1/8000 and 64 fram per samples.DAC of c6713 properly output it which i can hear with headphone connected to headphone port of kitt.

but when i build a model with rls algorithim due to some reason . code composer studio halted it at some adress or sometimes model is properly run sometimes. but c6713 adc does not able to pick the voice signal as input. hence there is no estimated singal produced by the DAC block or rls model. i hear nothing at headphone which is connected to headphone port on c6713

i didnot able to caught the problem.

please reply the problem.
thanks in adavance.
if someone willing to help me...i can mail my model and how it is working.
then i will look forward for your help.
waiting for the ans. plz do reply.