Re: Cannot run TI CC 4.10 with Spectrum SPI530 Emulator in Windows XP

Started by Jeff Brower July 22, 2009

> We are experiencing one major problem when using C3x/C4x Code Composer 4.10
> and the Spectrum Digital SPI530 MPSD Emulator on PCs running Windows XP.
> We have always run under Windows 2000 and never experienced the following
> error.
> While we can successfully connect to a target C30 DSP, reset the DSP, view
> DSP memory and internal registers, modify memory locations and load
> symbols, we consistently get the same error when attempting to Load a
> Program ( .out file) into the C30.
> It appears that right before the program finishes loading, the error
> “Trouble Writing Target DSP memory Trouble with J-Tag controller.
> Please ensure the I/O port is set properly” occurs and the program
> fails to load.
> We have contacted Spectrum Digital and they say all SPI530 Emulator
> drivers are compatible with Windows XP. When we contacted Texas
> Instruments, they stated that they no longer support C30 DSPs or the
> C3x/C4x Code Composer.
> Wrote a small (a few lines) code program, able to down load
> successfully, but not the big program.
> Does any of you have idea/suggestion on this problem, please help?

In addition to Mike's comments / questions:

1) Did you check your known-good Win2k system and see if someone had run SDConfig
before? And if so, what are the parallel port, "Emulator Port Speed", and "Disable
Emulation Polling" settings, and a) are they the same on your WinXP system, and b)
does SDConfig pass on the WinXP system?

2) Did you try running xdsprobe?

Regarding Mike's question about "stopping in the same place": one trick I used
before (don't know if this works in C3x/C4x CC 4.10) is to use the mouse to
intermittently grab the title bar of the small download progress box. Keep pressing
and releasing the mouse button; sometimes you can get lucky and figure out what's the
last address range that is successful and which range fails. Knowing the address
range can be useful because CC/CCS downloads code and data in sections; i.e. the
sections that you see in the .map file and COFF .out file.