ping pong

Started by k seshu babu November 29, 2002
hi all

I am using the DSK6711 and want to implement the ping-pong buffering on it.I am
using the code from SPRA636A (Applications Using the TMS320C6000 Enhanced
DMA.This code basically tests the reading and writing to the 2 sets of ping-pong
buffers using channel 13 and 12 respectively(with the DLB=1 digital loopback
here the data flow is this way

channel 13
-->McBSP0-->EDMA-->PING_SRC & PONG_SRC (buffers)
<--McBSP0<--EDMA<--PING_DST & PONG_DST (buffers)
channel 12 The problem is with the RFRLEN & XFRLEN set to 0(1 32-bit data element)the
tranfer is stopping after transfering one 32-bit element to the DST ping (and
decrementing the element count in EDMA param table by one).
Also with the RFRLEN & XFRLEN increased to say 10 the tranfer stops after
transfering the same first element 10 times.
can anyone figureout what might be the problem?

thanks a lot