initializing MCBSP for MULTICHANNEL implementation

Started by Kiran Chitriki December 9, 2002

I have a long ambiguous story about the great MCBSP of EVM 6201...kindly
go thru..

The peripherals guide on MCBSP says..for multichannel implementation
the MCBSP has to be programmed to read from different channels..ie based on
our preference starting from chanel 1 to N.by setting the bits we r actually
telling the MCBSP that the 1st sample is from CH1,the 2nd data is from
CH2..and so on.what i dont understand is ...the only work MCBSP is doing is
reading the data thru Line in.it just reads whatever comes in.if we can
program the DMA to put the data read thru MCBSP into appropriate buffers of
Channels..we can as well leave the MCR(multi channel register)of MCBSP
without setting..i thought so.if anybody knows kindly tell me the answer to
this.why do we have to compulsorily set the MCBSP's phase,elements.....