C6713 help required

Started by samz...@hotmail.com July 3, 2010
I am new to DSP kit and we are implementing our final year degree project on it. I am facing some of very basic issues.

C6713 is little endain by default. We have to interface emif data pins with AD9220 (ADC) 12 bit with bit 1(MSB) and bit 12(LSB). There are 32 data pins on the emif connector. But the confusion is that which pins should be interfaced with the ADC pin 0 to pin 11 or pin 20 to pin 31.

Secondly the 3 LEDs taht blink when the DSK is turned on, are no more blinkly, they just stay off. I think because of this our project does not build properly. Is there any way it can be fixed??

Help will be highly appreciated