Re: PCM3003 doubt

Started by Jeff Brower December 30, 2002
Iago F B-

I don't have any experience with the PCM3003 daughtercard.

If you cannot see DSP/BIOS config options that specifically mention PCM3003,
it's likely the "basic loopback" code in Chassaing will not work because the
serial port will not be setup / configured correctly for the PCM3003 device.
Chassaing use DSP/BIOS in his book example?

You might try configuring the McBSP with your own C code, then make sure you can
simple things, like output zero's to the D/A converter and hear silence, then
a sawtooth (ramp) and make sure you hear some periodic buzzing. Once output
then you can start working on input. Then you can progress to loopback. Slow
steady and you can solve the problem.

Jeff Brower
DSP sw/hw engineer

> I'm programing an audio daugther card PCM3003, and a TMS320C6711
> dsp.I've to take two datas from the two channels of the input codec
> and i put only one data in the output codec. I've a program very
> similar like ('loop_intr_pcm' by R.Chassaing), i don't know if you
> know it (I hope it!!). But the problem that is that i have to add to
> my project a DSP/BIOS configuration and i don't know.If i included
> it, my system doesn't work, and i heard a strambotic sound in my
> speakers. What can i do? Do you have any sample of how to include a
> DSP/BIOS in a project which works with PCM3003 and hadward interrupts?