Started by McClean, Lesley-Ann January 21, 2003
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Hi again...more problems!

I'm trying to set up my GPIO pins using the csl gpio functions. I've
upgraded CCS to version 2.12.10 (which included some csl updates I think,
but no new documentation as far as I can see). I'm using the 6416 chip
support library.

So when I try to compile the following:

Uint32 outputPins = ( GPIO_PIN0 | GPIO_PIN1 | GPIO_PIN2 | GPIO_PIN3

Uint32 inputPins = ( GPIO_PIN4 | GPIO_PIN5 | GPIO_PIN6 | GPIO_PIN9

GPIO_pinEnable( inputPins | outputPins );

GPIO_pinDirection(outputPins, GPIO_OUTPUT);
GPIO_pinDirection(inputPins, GPIO_INPUT); 1) with "csl_gpio.h" - nothing works, I get "incompatible argument" errors,
because the function definitions in this header file have an extra argument,
a handle.

2) after a quick search, I found the header definition I was expecting in
"csl_legacy.h". Compiling with this file means the argument errors are
gone, but now GPIO_PINx is not defined.

3) Compile with both headers - I get " "GPIO_pinEnable" is undefined"

Has anyone had any problems with this? Can anybody suggest any fixes for
me? Am I using the library incorrectly??

Thanks for your help,

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