Selection of ADC + Some Basics of ADCs

Started by B S June 6, 2012

I will appreciate if some one help me grasping some knowledge of interfacing ADC with DSP. I am intending to use OMAP-L138 Experimenter Kit for frequency domain analysis of real signal with maximum frequency 2 MHz. I need to select an ADC with maximum sampling frequency 10 MHz. I know there are several ADCs with different interfaces, which are available in the market. I have low knowledge of choosing one which will be compatible with OMAP-L138 Experimenter Kit.

I know DSP provides several interfaces to communicate with outside world i.e. Parallel, SPI, I2C, SATA. If some ADC has SPI or I2C or Parallel interface, should the same DSP interface be used to connect that ADC ?

McBSP is a serial interface, should the ADC be interfaced with serial port of DSP to use McBSP to collect the sample ?

I am looking at OMAP-L138 Experimenter Kit Baseboard Features Diagram, I can see four Expansion Board Connector. Does it mean that I can use that connector to establish serial or parallel interface and then interface either serial or parallel ADC to OMAP-L138 Experimenter Kit ?

I will also appreciate if some one suggests any ADC for the mentioned task ?