Code Composer keeps locking up with C6711 DSK

Started by mgencarellli February 7, 2003

None of my applications are running on my C6711 DSK. Nothing,
happens when I run the application, and then moments later I
get "CPU-1-DSP Device Driver: Trouble Halting Target CPU:Timeout on
target processor, Please check cabling or multi-processor
configuration ......" error dialog on code composer V2.10. These
applications all ran okay until lately, where it would produce this
error sometimes, but, now it is happening all the time. I have re-
installed code composer, and it hasn't helped. I have tried
installing code composer on windows 98 SE on the same machine using
another drive (I have a removable C drive) with still the same error.

I am running windows XP with the service pack.

Has anyone experienced these errors before ?