Printf 30K cycles?

Started by #JONATHAN SANITO# February 21, 2003
Hi all,

I am using C6711 DSK, CCS 2.0. I really had doubts in my program cycle count. I
was profiling 1 single printf statement and gives me the result of 34600 +
cycle. I believe printf should only takes around 3k cycles?

Do you have suggestions where I might be wrong?

btw, I am using the example on tutorial\hello1.pjt. Thanks in advance.



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Sent: Thu 2/20/2003 4:52 PM
Subject: Cycle count problem Hi,

I tried one of the CCS tutorial on PBC, 'modem.pjt' to understand more about
cycle count. It turns out that the code profiled result differently from the one
in the help file. The different was quite significant. the cycle count in the
CCS tutorial gives about 26 k cycles, and when i run it (using the same project
configuration, no changes) i got the result about 15 times more for the cycle

I wonder what is suppose to be the problem, any ideas?

How to actually counts the # of cycles correctly? I have doubts because my code
running on C6711 DSK compare to the same code running on P3 333, runs much
slower (shouldn't be right?). on my 6711 which I believes got the clock speed
150 mhz runs about 6 - 7 times more. Btw, in P3, i profile my code using
Rational Quantify.