McBSP1 Tx to McBSP0 on DSK6711

Started by silver_sparrow March 24, 2003
Hi all,

I'm new here :)
Also newbie at the DSK6711.

I can't seem to get the McBSP1 transmit to McBSP0 on the same
C6711DSK board through hardwiring the J2 connector in the following

DX1 -> DR0
FSR1 -> FSR0

Where: McBSP1 will send the synch pulse & clock then data.
McBSP0 only receive clock and frame synch for the single phase frame

My Objective:
I need to do this to familiarize myself and verify the port and
experiment with different data formats/rates for school project
purposes, where I will use another board of some sort to transfer
data to my DSK6711 in the future.

Code I am using:
SPRA488B April 2002-McBSP Initialization <-I modified this code

So after reading the TI configuration I am a bit confused on:
*If I have the configuration correct for both McBSP ports
*If the max clock for the McBSP is 50MHz[undivided]
*My theory of port synchronization

Also, I am not confident my code is correct.

Would someone kindly voluteer to take a quick glance at the short
annotated code for me plz? The project and the .c file is here:


Thanking you in advance
chiko lee