c6202 DSP/BIOS code setup for booting from XBUS (or HPI) via host

Started by nzoka2003 May 3, 2003

I am presently developing under Code Composer (CCS) v2.2. I can
compile, load and execute my code under Code Composer via the JTAG.

What options do I need to include for my compiled code so that it
boots and runs correctly when the ".out" file is download by the host
processor via the XBUS.

I tried the download (through the XBUS by the host processor) process
and the code runs, but some of my algorithms like DTMF detection only
detects one digit ( although) it worked perfectly when I execute my
code in CCS.
My DMA engine is working correctly getting data from the McBSP.

To download the image, the developer on the Host processor has a
routine which identifies the various sections (".text" etc.),
extracts the code and writes the hex values to the required memory
locations. The DSP is then released from Reset and executes the code.