I2C module of ATEME's IEKLIB

Started by Anand K June 23, 2003


I am a beginner to development using the IEKC64X board from ATEME. I
connected an XDS560 JTAG emulator with appropriate jumper settings on
the board, which gives the video output and LEDs ON as described on
the installation guide. (meaning the hardware is connected right and
functioning OK as per the guide)

However, if I try to run any test program the I2C_Initialize() module
promptly fails. There is no documentation on what this module does
and why this failure happens. This problem simply stalls any
development that can be done with the IEKC64 board.

I would really appreciate any insights on why this might happen - the
only thing I know about I2C is that it stands for Inter-Integrated
Circuit? I dont have any other info on why this module is needed for
IEKC64X development.

Thank you very much in advance,