ISR for codecAD535

Started by Fahim Sheikh August 15, 2003

i am trying to read data from Codec AD535 A/D (DSK6711) via Mcbsp0 and after
processing give it back to D/A for output. I am using interrupts (without
DSP/BIOS) for this purpose. The loopback mode of the code had this line

config_Interrupt_Selector(11, XINT0);

mapping Mcbsp's transmitter interrupt to INT11. But keeping in mind that
processing should be done upon the arrival of each received sample, should'nt
the above line be

config_Interrupt_Selector(11, RINT0);

This will make the ISR work for every received interrupt and hence any
processing associated may be added here.

The system (graphs and output) seems to be fine with both versions. whats
or am i missing a point?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards.
fahim sheikh